My five sons

While flickr is my primary repository for photographs on the web, this site offers a few of my favorite snapshots. The problem with flickr, at least as I use it, is that it's unwieldy in its size. Today, in the middle of July 2009, I have 15,271 items in my flickr photostream; that's a bit much to find and view nuggets in the 90-seconds most people would allow for the task. Do swing by and visit me at flickr.

Let's start off with my five sons: One, Two, Three, Four, and Five.

Sons One, Two, and Three, June 2004.
Thank goodness there were enough pacifiers to go around.

Three and Four: I'm not sure what they're up to here, but it's likely trouble.

One through Five on the occasion of Three's sixth birthday (May 2010)

My five sons, the Saturday of Mother's Day weekend, 2009.

Two and Five: January 2009.

Okay, they really do have names and not just numbers. In order: Andrew LyonRichard HudsonElliot JosephJohn GavinHenry George. John is also known as Jack, Jack-Jack, and Jackie. Henry is also known as Bacci and Chewbacca. If you're wondering about Henry's nickname, it's all because of this video clip which Jack watched over and over and over before Henry came home from the hospital.